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Block Puzzle Just 10!

Challenge your records with easy and simple rules.

Block Puzzle Just 10! is a simple game that you can feel free to enjoy.
Just move the block and place it where you want it.

If one or more lines are filled horizontally or vertically, the line disappears and you can get a score.

Always think of the next block placement and make room for the blocks.
You can get the best score by placing the blocks well so that the screen does not fill up.

It is not easy to get the best score in this simple and simple rule.
If you get the best score, you can also boast to your friends using the Capture button on the results screen.

Block Puzzle Just 10! Try it now!


How to play
- Move the three blocks that appear at the bottom of the screen to the grid screen
- If one line is filled horizontally or vertically, the line is removed.
- You can collect stars by removing the star block lines contained in the blocks.
- You can convert a block that can not be placed using a collected star into another block.
- With stars you can make the best record.
- Simple but challenging puzzle game

- Free Download
- Easy operation, simple rules, one-hand play
- Offline games that do not require WiFi
- Low-end device support
- Tablet support
- Leader board support

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