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To The Higher

Higher, higher, challenge your limits

Sometimes you want to go up higher, higher ... up high.
To The Higher is the best game when you want to go up higher. 

The way to climb higher is simple.
Stack blocks on top of one another block reliably. To do that, timing is important.
If the timing isn't correct, the blocks become smaller and the space for stacking blocks becomes smaller and you cannot stack blocks, and finally the game will end. 

Do you think it's boring to build blocks alone?
Do not worry. Many cute friends will support you.
And blocks with various designs will make your block more personal and beautiful. 

Stack blocks towards higher and higher places now! We are waiting for your challenge. 
How to play

  • Put a block on a block at a right time.

  • If you miss the right time, the space of the block will be smaller.

  • If you have no more space to put a block on, the game will be over.

  • You may have a chance to put more blocks by using Continue option. . 

Game Features

  • Free Download

  • Various stages

  • Easy controls

  • Simple rules

  • Can play with one hand

  • Various block design, in-game friens

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